A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When a little dog gets lost from its family into a unknown neighborhood, you must help Akina find the way back home. A dangerous and fascinating adventure of a life on the streets.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorSukafu Team
Tagsfree, ggj19, ggj2019, globalgamejam, plataformer, sukafu, Unity


Akina - windows.zip 23 MB
Akina - linux.zip 28 MB
Akina - mac.zip 28 MB


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hi um i have found a glitch in the game happens almost every time at the part where you run from the dog jump from the bridge thing and almost always you die and go in the floor

EDIT: ahh just keep jumping from the begin ing and you should see it just keep jumping and just keep pressing x and keep going right

EDIT2:acctually just jump in the game most times it happens any way 

EDIT3:ahh another one this is gonna be my last btw amazing game ok so i didnt pee on the first thing lantern thing and then die on the first spikes you will be teleported to the end



Thank you for pointing out these bugs, we are sorry that you had to face them

This is a Game Jam game made in one weekend so it lacks a lot of polish...

We are glad that you liked the game, and thanks again for the feedback

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thank you i cant wait to see the work you do in the future.


my dog called Moppy & Doggy

the third will be called akina if i got a new one :D

Thank you for the gameplay!
We are happy to know that you liked, be sure to send us a photo of your Akina when you get it <3 




I love it's design and music, very well made, cant wait for the next part! :P


Absolutely gorgeous! I love the focus on simple but engaging platforming and the fantastic silhouette art style! Really makes this one stand out among the other entries I've seen so far!

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Thank you!!

We are really really happy that you liked our game

Awesome video!!



I do hope you continue Akina's adventure. Also, great work with the backgrounds.. they are.. wow. :)


Thank you!
We want to continue its development!

We are very  happy that you enjoyed it!